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Anyone bored and wanna help me?


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Im sittng at school and i cannot access sites because my schools security is so strict... Is anyone up for helping me with a small task? i have been playing Metroid Prime 2: Echoes and i cannot get any walkthoughs or anything. What i need is for someone to find me the Missle Expansion Locations page, a page that just tells where all the missle expansion locations are and theres a real nice one on  faq.ign.com  ? i think its something like that. One thats just easy to understand on how to get them, and i need you to somehow put it in a text file for me to click and open up so i can print it out. Is that possible? if not then copy paste the whole page of locations in this topic and ill just copy paste into a word doc  from there.  haha

thanks for your time.

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your at school playing Metroid prime? how u doing that lol..


try this link maybe its not blocked


if its blocked try

http://proxify.net ... enter that site into it and see if it works

.. also try this


if that link works .. just put in the numbers as they go along corrosponding to the missile u need.... if u still need a text file containing them ill find one and create a website and paste it on there or .. throw it on my forums

lemme know

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FaT_PHiL;I can post a zip file in Additional Options when posting.Do you have zip file in your additional option list?The reason I ask is I don't remember if it was an option before I was made a mod.

If you do since you have already looked up the information can you make a zip file?If you can just post it for CaptainSauce .

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k gimme like 5 min. and ill edit this post with a link containing the faq from ign

EDIT: sry took so long i was trying to find my cds that had my forums graphics on backup, cause all the bandwidth got used up so i gotta rehost

heres the missile faq


forums look kinda bad cause of the bandwidth issue =/

Enjoy :icon_salut:

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