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Sales Tax in PR, What will be the impact


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right now there is a 6.6 percent excise tax on anything shipped here.

but no sales tax. the proposal is to lift the excise tax and apply a sales tax instead. (the government thinks it will have more money to waste that way).

out of every billion increase in funds 720.000.000 will go to payrolling the local government employees, if one bases future budgets on the current ones...

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I really wont care if this tax would have been issued before, 135% increase in water, that makes it the higher in 50 USA states, Electricity 79% ( we pay 0.19KWH (the higher in 50 USA states) increase not to mention Adjustment for oil increase ( and i can talk bout that), Highways Tolls 43% increase, Telefones 27% increase (goverment owned phone co) Milk for our kids 22%. not to mention the domino effect it has on private party corps.

I really know what im telling you, i have an apartment in FL, and pay 6.5 sales tax, very good if u consider roads, public health services and other.

You can compare PR highways with craters in the moon, not to mention public health, better to die in a roadside, have you ever been in a hotel here, you can va a 2 week vacation in Orlando for what u pay for 4 days vacation here.

This is simple math. when you have more expenses than imcome you CRASHED

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I think the sales tax may be great if and only if they reduce the contributions on salary and we will be certain the govmt will use the money wisely. But as we may recall our politicians are some dumbs idiots who will just hire more unnecessary employees so they can win the next elections. That's why I oposse to it. Besides I think they must reform the way the govmt, spends money first.

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Sounds like they are looking for a .4% tax increase to the individual, out of pocket.

A sales tax is a tax on consumption. It is normally a certain percentage that is added onto the price of a good or service that is purchased.

But on excise tax I found too many variables. Not sure what it is exactly.

Maybe they are trying to find a way to get politically richer. It sounds like they need to cut the political budget. Cut down on some political jobs. And the pay scales for those jobs. I would start at the top. (like that would happen)

I can only give an opinion, I would say no unless they can put it in black and white. What the difference would be, and where the money would go. Sounds like normal shifty gov't.

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i disagree resopalrabotnick, I live in San Juan, and only a handfull of streets dont have holes in it, I mean craters. Now, some highways are good an clean, but the problems lies on the town's streets. Now, that 7% Sales Tax is asking for too much, most ppl here make $6-8~/hr and they have to pay for food, house rent, electricity, watter and telephone, this can easly sum up to more than a 1000$ (not to mention that almost every PRican is full of debts), Anibal is just making more stuff up to rip us off of more money.

btw, I dont know how this has any relation to the topic, but my bro was Anibal8 (dunno if any PRican guys remember him) XDD

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