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SanDisk Media Converter help


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Hey, can't seem to find time to come here for leisure. Too much real-life stuff going on and the new features in Google Homepage make it to where I pretty much never need to go anywhere else but there while I'm on the Internet.

Anyway, I bought a SanDisk Sansa c150 mp3 player off a friend for $40, but unfortunately, that's all I got; still a great deal though, especially since it's my first mp3 player. So I called SanDisk asking where I could buy a USB cable for it (the slot is proprietary) and they just told me they'd send me one for free... No complaints there. ;)

So I've been putting music and stuff on there, but I can't put pictures because I don't have the SanDisk Media Converter software that comes with the mp3 player when bought normally, and I can't find anywhere online that has it available for download. Anywhere. I've checked Google, trying numerous different search terms, but gotten nothing. I've checked SanDisk's website, but gotten nothing.

Any suggestions?

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@tommie gorman: That's the last resort because I'm not positive that they'll actually help me considering that they've made no profit from my purchase. My natural charisma may have scored me a USB cable, but it ain't a miracle worker. :cool:

@CA3LE: Thanks. :D By the way, love the new site/forum layouts and the new user/rank icons- very cool. I'm going to make a conscious effort to try to come here more often now that I remember how cool this place is. :icon_thumleft:

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