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You wanna brag? Then brag (and post pics!)


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Here is your chance to let us get to know what you are most proud of. BRAG! AND post pictures (if you can) of what you are proudest of in your life.

I will start:

I am most proud of my children. Aggr3 and I have the greatest kids on the planet. I won't post a pic of them, that's up to him to do, but I will say that each is smart, funny, enjojable, caring, responsible and a joy to be around. They have a sense of ethics that is lacking in many pople (adults included) in this world today. They are (all four) completely different people and yet they are the epitome of what I would wish the world to be. I am not just proud of them, but I will sing their praises to anyone who asks. I will sing his too! He has overcome some hard stuff and although at times he was frustrated, he never once took it out on our kids.

So I would like to brag about my 4 beautiful children and my amazing ex-husbad who is the best dad in the world!

Next up I would brag that my husband is the ultimate computer genius, and a great step-dad, and then I will brag that my pets are the coolest in the world!

Your turn!

BRAG to us and let us get to know you!

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For 1 year and 8 months difference, these girls get along great. And mind quite well, except the youngest prefers not to pay attention in school. Not misbehaving, just  talking probably.

5 & 7 right now.

They are playing a game on their comp together in the kitchen, when I snuck up on them.  ;)

cute kids tommie.  :D

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