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firefox is drinking the koolaid


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I always believed that firefox for the lack of better words was almost like a cult. Use fire fox more secure faster. Well for a while i did use firefox. After about the 10th time I got the silly error  "fox had to close bla bla bla" I got rid of it.

I decided to give opera a shot. All I can say is flipping WOW!! It makes firefox look like ie. A simple right click and you can block whatever ads you no longer want to see. No more hunt and search for plugins to get it to work the way you want. I have been useing it for about a week and have yet to see one page that failed to render right. Now they may of fixed allot of issues with firefox 2. No idea. For now I will just use opera.

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Guest kamil234

i had Opera...i used the auto reload feature to get money from those websites that pay you to view ads and stuff  :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

but now i use ff 2.0

and no, i no longer do the website thing.

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