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Are ya paranoid? You might be after this thread!!!


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Here is another example of information mining that has an effect on you every day since insurance companies, employers and private investigators all have access and disputing this information on behalf of the consumer is next to impossible.

It's commonly called your MIB and here is some information about it...



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And for all you Christmas shoppers, here is a "list" that will have you fuming for years to come.  Many merchants now subscribe to a Chexsystems like database that is essentially a blacklist of consumers that have been reported for "returns" abuses.  Once on the list you remain there for 5 or more years and will find it next to impossible to return things to participating merchants.  What's worse is if you do end up on the list wrongfully there is almost no way to get removed from it.  I witnessed a lady at Target (who uses the system) being casually being blacklisted on the spot.  RULE #1. IF THEY ASK FOR YOUR DRIVERS LIC TELL THEM YOU DON'T HAVE IT WITH YOU...because that is how they got her....the clerk casually asked for her DL and then placed her on the list because this woman had brought back a ton of returns (as the clerk put it).  Then the clerk bragged openly after the lady left that she won't be making any returns for a very long time.....this happened less than a month ago at a Target here in FL.



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