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Attenuator (6dB) attached to my modem ..


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i was wondering what does this attached pictures mean? there's a difference in the Power Level of my modem .. the first picture is the one with the attenuator attached to it .. and the second one is without the attenuator .. can i just remove the attenuator? or should i just plug it in my modem?

.. the first time i subscribed with my ISP (myDestiny), there was no attenuator attached to it .. connection was ok ..

but after a few months, though the download speed was great, my upload speed was suffering .. it ranges from 5-20kB/s .. so the maintenance crew who came to your house has no idea why my upload was like that so instead he attached an attenuator device on my modem .. there's was an improvement in the upload speed (increased by 5-10kB/s) but still after some time, my upload is still darn slow ..

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The attenuator is acting more like a 3dB attenuator then as a 6dB, but either way I can't see it helping or hurting with the levels your modem is at now.

Maybe there was a return problem back when they put it on there, and now it is fixed.

Modems will run just fine with your return transmit power between about 30dB to about 53dB as long as the plant is properly balanced.

As for the forward, the optimum levels are -10 to +10dBmV, with your SNR (signal to noise ratio, or MER) at 31dB or higher.

You generally start seeing problems at around 30dB SNR and lower, that is assuming your provider is using 256 QAM modulation, if it is using 64 QAM, then the SNR can run a couple dB lower and still be fine.

I would just remove the attenuator and keep an eye on your speeds and stability.

Post some speed test results here just to give us an idea what you are running at with and without the attenuator.

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