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Colorado Blizzard


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So after being stuck for 2 days I am finally able to get out and about again...though my camaro is still buried in my driveway  :haha:

Helluva storm though :)

Damn man, thats awesome. I loved in Alaska a while and LOVED the blizzards. I could do without the Camaro though.  :haha: Im a Firebird fan maself.
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If I were going to spend the $$$ for a Viper, I would have to go for FORD's GT-40 myself.  :wink2: A much better buy.

No no I was talking about the Ram SRT/10, a truck with a Viper engine. Its tough.


I would take a Lightning too, but the SRT/10 is my top choice.

I think I'd rather put the money into a classic stingray or something along those lines, an old C10 wouldn't be too bad either  :smitten:

Stingray... THE classic sports car. If you leave out the 67 Shelby 500. I love me some stingray.
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I logged several miles on a bike. 2 actually. I know people do not see you. Head on or sideways. But still insurance should be needed. I would think. Or at least let you be covered under your auto policy.

And insurance is so you are not out of pocket for things...never mind. I would not be without some type though. Like a helmet, I still want one if I am riding, even if others don't.

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