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Display Mode timing


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hey all :cheesy:

i'm a bit confused on this mode timing for display thing. which one is the best option:



CVT standard

Fixed asset ratio timing

Also my current setting of 'screen refresh rate' is 60hertz and my comp can handle 75hertz - should i put it to 75Hertz or leave it at 60 - and what would be the difference.

i have a fairly new moniter.

thanks :angel:

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Personally I'm not familiar enough to know /gtf/dmt ect.. but as far as the refresh rate goes, there are limits to what your specific monitor will handle. As far as the other settings, my best assumption would be, each one has a general MHz refresh rate assosiated with it. Im sure there is someone here to answer better :smile2:

I did find this for you though  http://www.nvidia.com/object/advanced_timings.html

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my display can handle 75hertz.

should i put it on that or leave it to 60hertz. - what would be the difference?

I know this, (Visual observation) Generally, a higher refresh rate, pushes the monitor a bit more , and will give a bit more detail (to the eye). Or to my knowledge "writes faster to the screen " ie.  60mhz , 60 cycles per second and so on. (somebody correct me if I'm wrong) Be careful, I had a bit of an issue once by, setting the refresh rate higher than the monitor could handle. Some apps, or games have setting to when you adjust to a certain resolution or quality , unless you override them ,they will self adjust :)

Whaddi just say? :lol:

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