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My test results for Pldt MyDsL.

Guest denis yogore

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Guest denis yogore

Hey fellow Pldt DSL subscribers, here's how much PLDT has improved and stabilized their bandwidth since the Taiwan earthquake. 

Check out my bandwidth test results!


Not bad, I just hope it holds up at present.  :-P

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Guest denis yogore

Hi guy's,

I am from the Philippines, and if anyone knows about the bandwidth that I am suppossed to get I am subscribing to the Business Lite plan of PLDT MyDSL.

So far so good since last night when I posted my test results, I have been pleased so far with the performance, unfortunateley I had to do the test via my wireless router on my laptop.  My poor desktop PC conked out on me...


I guess she is happy in PC heaven now, oh the manny frags I enjoyed with her online gaming...  I just hope there are salvagable parts still from my old desktop... 

Can't wait to start gaming again once my new desktop is built.

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once again hi guys from asia

it is nice to start seeing some people from asia post in here

hi to denis yogore and dobermaxx

dobermaxx your advertised is 2Mb and that speed test is 1.5mb to an american server is not too bad i think

denis  is you advertised speed 2Mbps too ?

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Guest denis yogore


I see, so does that mean we expect more dramatic results by the end of the month?  Or will it be unstable at present till the end of the month?  Can you please post me a link where I can find more information regarding the country's temporary re-routing our backbone making outside internet contact with the word good at present?

BTW, hope i'm not a post hog at present but here's my latest test results.  Please let me know if i'm going overboard with my constant posting of my bandwidth tests.




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