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Bass Test


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I admit I have Cerwin Vega At-15 400watt speakers. Now I also have a 30 band graphic equalizer that drops down to 31.5HZ. Now I personally have this "bass test" file in my pc and I uploaded it to a website so that others may download. Try it out and give some feedback. The file is about 20meg in size



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Alright now that I have downloaded your sweet little file.. since I am not an audio expert.. I have a pair of logitech Z-2200 http://www.fastlanehw.com/reviews.php?i=98&page=2

and a Creative Labs Audigity 2 notebook edition..


I moved my sub from the corner of my room because my room mates were complaining about the noise..  However, I am now missing a large gap it seems in between the satellite speakers and the sub woofer..  It leaves a feeling of being on an airplane kinda..  So my question is.. I can adjust the Cutoff Frequency for the sub.. currently it is sitting at 20Hz..  How high should I move it and if I were to move it would there be any harm to the system?

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Well guys have a question or yall car system guys. Well i first got the car to replaced the factory radio with a Dual XDM6825 HU and preplaced the door speakers with 6X8 Lightning audio. To my amp i have 6 AWG power and ground wire and a .5 Farad comapsitor. The amp was a 450 Watt  Lightning audio.

Allright now Im steping up my system. I now currently have a Kenwood KDC-MP5032 HU


Still using the same Lightning Audio 6X8 (they sound alot cleaner with this kenwood) and using the same 6 AWG Power, ground wire and Farad.

In the process i went with a lot bigger amp. Rockford Fosgate P4002 amp. 400 RMS X 1 4 ohms 1200 Max Power. On the PERFORMANCE VERIFICATION CERTIFICATE the amp put out 561 RMS X 1 4 ohms and 1683 Max power


Ok After me saying all that, im running in to one problem. My .5 farad isnt cutting it!  My head lights dim down everytime the bass hits. Well i cant make up my mind if i should got with a 1 Farad or go with a 2. One more question lets say i went and got a 1 farad could i put the 1 farad with the .5 farad??

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Just popped in here to check this out and couldn't figure out what equipment you guys were using and no mention of any bodies of water neither. I  :idiot2: realized  :oops: it's not about fishing.  :uglystupid2: 

I was hoping for some hew fishing lures.  :huh:

But I never thought vibrating things...wait I guess I did get told to turn it down a bunch.  :evil6: Never mind.  :wink:

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As far as I can remember when I was installing car Amps I always tried to go 1000 watts a 1 Farad Cap

I would Recommend the 2 Farad cap its always better to have more then you need and since your rockford was close to 1700....

Of course thats just my opinion I havent been in the Car Audio scene for a couple years

just remember to keep that cap as close to the amp as possible I dont recommend it being any further then 3 or 4 feet

Enjoy your amp

Oh and please dont rattle my windows at 4 AM Only between 6 AM and 11PM are permitted thanx

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