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20 Steps to Make SmartBro Faster


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don't change your pic to anime. some guys here have just been inspired  :smitten: :smitten: :cheesy: :cheesy:

nyay inspired? how? hehehehe ur kinda funny thank you ^___________^

to tell you the truth, you look very familiar to me. i think i have seen you somewhere.

uhm maybe in SMs???? or in KATIPUNAN

i really dont out that much im more like "bahay office bahay office" :grin:

and sometimes stroll in SM manila and lazaro :roll:

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I never even got beyond the 400Kbps mark...huhuhu!  (well that's what my speedtest states... but I can download as fast as 80kB/s sometimes... hehe! Weird things happen sometimes...)

Ahh miss pancake, do you have a Friendster and/or YM account? ahehe!

you're so cute...  :smitten:

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can anyone give tips and tweaks rin to be part of the 600+ members too.. :)

i've been around this thread for weeks now.. i dont usualy post.. pero since my kapareho na akong girl dito.. hehe might as well mingle narin! my connection increased to 400+ follwing the steps and other tips giveh here.. thanks to ya'll! sana pwede pa iincrease!.. :)


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hello I'm just new here. i read all topics about internet connection of smartbro getting faster. so nice

I'm using smartbro. can u tell me how did u do that? you're so great.

what did setting did u do on you're PCs.

i hope that i will know it.


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