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Read first before posting!!


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I now I'm not a mod or something but just for our community to get organized, let's try to read first all of the posted threads before posting our own. And when you haven't found any answer to your question, try searching the WHOLE site. (Go try the search feature). Our community is growing so quick since the SmartBro ISP was launched and We know that it will grow more in the days to come. Let's keep our community healthy and let's help all of our co-subscriber especially those who are suffering from low speeds..

Hope this will be stickied!

Happy Tweaking to all you Guys!!




To use the advanced search click here

and select from the Smart Bro (Wi-fi) Board

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Thugster has a point here, and for the love of God, to all smartbro users please read this.

1. As much as possible, please avoid posting irrelevant topics in threads. Take the "How to tweak SmartBro wifi thread", it has over a thousand posts. If I was a newly Smartbro user and I read that  thread only to find useless posts, I'd lose interest. Please consider other people before posting. The topics are scattered all over the place. If only testmy has a "post/topic defragmenter". :evil6:

2. Remember that most issues are already solved here, for speed issues there is coolbuster's, elijahpaul's guides, there's even a smartbro utorrent guide. So please, READ IT and DONT TAKE THE LAZY WAY by posting another topic.

3. Lastly, If you are currently experiencing speed problems, YOU CANT ALWAYS TWEAK YOUR WAY OUT OF THE PROBLEM.

I read posts saying this tweak dont work etc, etc,.

And as i learned from my online buddy jun101ph, REMEMBER!! YOU CANT DO ANYTHING WHEN THE BASESTATION IS THE PROBLEM. Save yourself the trouble worrying and tweaking all day when the problem lies at Smartbro itself. Please be patient, if the problem persists after 2 days, then its time to call for Smartbro customer assistance.

Peace!!  :wink:

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