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Please help - FIOS phone problem


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I need some help with FIOS phone. We had a new install done 2 days ago in an office enviornment. The phones are messed up. You can hear conversations from another line that is going on a different line (multi-line environment). Additionally, when one person is on the phone, in the old pre-FIOS POTS, the line would physically light on the phone, so that you knew someone was using that line. With FIOS-phone, the line intermittently blinks, making it hard to know which line is being used by someone.

Verizon is saying that the phones are not compatible with FIOS, because they have high amperage requirements, and the box that converts the fiber from the street to the phones gives out a low amperage signal. Verizon is saying that we need low amperage compatible phones, that anything that was introduced on the market in the last 18 months would be compatible.

Is this true?? 4-line phones are expensive, and to get new phones would actually eat into any savings realized by getting FIOS phone to begin with (obtained only as a package with FIOS Internet). I saw the thing about a low REN of 3, and there are actually 4 phones in the office. Whether this makes a difference, I don't know.

If anyone can help, I appreciate it. I see much reference to a list of compatible phones but I cannot find this list anywhere, and Verizon maintains no such list exists.

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pigtailpat, Welcome to the forum. Hope you enjoy your stay here. I personally don't know much about FIOS but I'm sure someone will come along and help you.


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welcome pigtailpat :hello:  hope u get the answers u need and i'm sure u will...enjoy ur stay...stay long...come back often

we don't often suggest this...but i suggest that u actually duplicate ur post (copy and paste) it to the fios forum in the provider discussion boards here at tmn...that's where the fios people hang out to help each other...but leave this one here so that anyone that sees it on the main board that has the knowledge can help u also...now where did i put that board...???

ahhhh...there it is...http://www.testmy.net/forum/index.php?board=47.0

post it as a new topic...just as it is here...u'll have ur answer in no time i'm sure

again...  :welcome:

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