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Canopy Accidentally Set To Factory Defaults


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WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAA,  :shocked: what i have doneeeeeeeee, i have unlock my canopy successfully, using the override plug, after changing some settings, i accidentally enabled the ( Set To Factory Defaults Upon Default Plug Detection ) and resets everything...  i lost may connection, but manage to make it work but my connection is so slow...

I'm from davao, may be someone here from davao, so can i copy there settings...

can someone email the settings pls, thanks...  <snip>

edited email removed for member privacy

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wow quite a few views and no responses...hmmm...hope someone has an answer for you...

welcome to the forum dot :welcome: ...i'm sure u will get the help u need soon...me?? i have no clue about smartbro i just stopped in to welcome u... :wave:

i've removed ur email from ur post to ensure ur privacy from those lurking to collect email addresses (bots) please post here (for all to see), the settings that he needs if anyone knows them

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the reason for this is that, there is a unique setting for smartbro canopy webpages re: account details and colors codes.

dot, anyhow you can surf the internet right? so your main problem is to speed up your connection in the canopy config phase.

i suggest you find in the AP Eval page the right color code: highest RSSI, lowest Jitter and lowest Power. then put the color code of your choice in the configuration page, save and click reboot. everything else will come smoothly. 

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  • 3 months later...

:cheesy: whats a color code? were do i put it....?

can any one give a smooth pic of how to tweak a canopy?

You can search the forum regarding that.  I believe there's a long thread about that already.

Color code is a code (from 0 to 255) that identifies your access point.  It's under Configuration->Radio.

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