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..i think my tv is dieing.


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lol guys its a bad sign when you have to turn your tv off when you hear a ultra high pitch whining and some other weird sounds coming from your tv right?  :lol: mine is fading in and out with color and making sme pretty crazy sounds. one time the picture litterally went black and white and i had to unplug it cause the power button didnt turn it off....its a 25 inch crt magnavox...like 5 years old...used everyday...modestly.....lol  :lol:

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The Buzzing / High pitch is most likley down to a Coil Resonating

Get a TV engineer in he will be able to resolder it to the PCB and it should stop

and If he is a Good one he should have a Degausing wand to sort out he tube

but as Tommie has said there it is a chance that the Tube is on it way out

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