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Changing AP


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guys i want to make a request to anybody of my friends here to kindly create a simple tutorial on changing AP's to help our growing smartbroken community here in TMN to achieve better internet connection. it's up to you on how you wanna do the tutorial and please include brief explanations or descriptions to make it more understandable for our new members. hope that this request will be granted as an advance Christmas gift!  :occasion14: thanks! 

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this is the best i can come up with

1. Access your canopy page.

2. Click Tools. Select the AP Evaluation tab.

3. Click Rescan APs.

4. Look for an AP that has the best stats. Preferably with jitter of 1-5, RSSI of 600+, and as low Sector User Count as possible.

5. Take note of the Color Code of your selected AP.

6. Click Configuration.

7. Under the Radio tab, input the Color Code you obtained.

8. Save Changes and Reboot.

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@ anel

just 1 notch (512) works for me.

SmartBro cablenut setting: RWIN: 937500 (FYI - cablenut really adds up speed)

Before I used proxy.smartbrowifi but when I reverted back, I was surprised to see that i have higher test results without it so I maintained no proxies. Maybe my AP got upgraded or something. :grin2:

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Wait a sec... Do I also have to set it to custom settings before I apply (i think I did so before)? Coz if i do, the value lessens (32120) and have to slide it way pass 10000 to reach equivalent value. Or just leave it since it states "current setting" ? But if so, them I'm only using Cablenut all these time.... :shock:

But i do get equivalent (well almost) value in Zilla . MSS 1460 - Multiplier of 160 - Scale factor of 4 = 934400

(FYI - Zilla < not proven yet... it's just me... so you may give me a break with the questions)

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