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  1. I dunno if they have this in your area (I'm from M.Manila) but at least you'll get some ideas on price (best value in Peso)... I prefer a Toshiba. http://www.laptopking.com.ph/controller.do?action=categories
  2. Mine was Aldus (now Adobe) Freehand and Pagemaker. Before (way back in '93), we use to do everything manually (sketch/draw/finalize...revise). but when my boss decided to upgrade the office (an Ad Agency) w/ powermacs, everything went smoother form that point..... and not soon enough came Photoshop..... the rest is history.
  3. mine goes off every now and then also (2 - 3x /day). i just grew tired of complaining... hopeless & pointless.
  4. i don't know... if one can be given a rebate, and hundreds (maybe even thousands) of unsatisfied SBro subscribers learns about this....... : it's unlikely that you'll be given one... but we'll see. BTW, i thought you have some kind of internal affairs w/ them (uncle?)? why not pull some strings or something?
  5. I use photoshop CS2 (i have CS3 but i'm much comfortable working w/ CS2). i also understand you work w/ GIMP? I haven't tried it but i think it's kinda similar? And of course you'll get there. in fact, you already are. you could also try saving as .png instead of jpg. like masking/cropping images and leaving the background blank or something...
  6. No problem. First take... I'll send a large version (300 dpi) through email.. just PM me.
  7. Again, thanks. My boss is in Florida... 'got me a looong vacation.... No problem. Got any specs? Here's my version of Coknuck's....
  8. I have something but I dunno if it's the same for notebooks. I felt lazy to re-type so.... Thanks again, CB.
  9. You know what?... I've searched the net for other ISPs here (M.Mla) and found out that BayanTel seems more reliable. Also Zpdee (SKY) internet. There are a lot of complains from PLDTMyDSL (hehe... so what's new?). But I experienced MyDSL firsthand and so far it was OK. I don't know the billing stuffs yet. That Zpdee sounds promising (cable - expensive but MAYBE more worth it) .... i dunno...
  10. Oh, I'm from Metro Manila... ummm... nothing complex... i just hate it. (although my mobile phone is Globe )
  11. It's like this: My/Our SmartBro : wireless (i get 300-400Kbps average [untweaked]) My Sis' PLDTMyDSL : wired (using the regular phone wire - NOT wireless - and she gets 600-800Kbps average [untweaked]) This Xperience thingy (i can't remember her package being called by that name when it got installed) has a canopy system like SBro (based on their site's info posted above) so it must be wireless just like SBro. I dunno.... have to check on it further. Try checking out other ISPs (BayanTel, Globe...) before changing... Me, i hate bayan and globe... just me.
  12. Yup, we used the existing landline. It's kinda like a router (you can only hook-up to just one PC) but it came w/ the PLDT package. I was amazed that time of how simple the whole set-up was when it got installed. No going on the roof and stuff. And if it's indeed wireless (Xperience), then what's the point? Right? You're only going to change the name. sheeesh.... My sis will be back this 15th (from Melbourne, Aus) so I'll just have to ask her when she arrives. But hers is certainly NOT wireless.
  13. I just went to check the web if they have details regarding the promo but now i'm also confused. it says something about a canopy too (if so, maybe you don't need a landline but it will just be back to canopy again - w/c i hate coz we have this big tree and tends to block the line-of-sight of my AP). My sis was just provided with this small box (about 5" x 8") where you can plug the landline, phone and internet. Her room's locked so I can't take a pic of it yet.
  14. is this what you mean? http://www.download.com/Net-Meter/3000-2155_4-10435551.html the one i posted above can be seen here at TMN (Main Menu bar - below testmy logo) Misc Tools>Score Database>key in Computer ID or Username>hit Submit Query we already have landline(s). what i meant was without the telephone unit (if there is such a promo)
  15. I have both SB (my home office) and PLDT MyDSL (my sis' pc) and also plan to leave SB soon (my lock-in expires in a couple of months) and switch all connections to PLDT (Plan 999 w/o Landline). SB is OK, I just grew tired of it. First off, I haven't got any tweaks or anything of that sort (w/ both PLDT and SB) so the speeds shown are very much basic (I just didn't want to mess up w/ any of my registries, 'just me). I haven't tried port forward(ing) in MyDSL (I use BitComet w/ default settings) (also, I really hate torrents so my DLs are just limited > no movies or games, etc... - 'just me) I think there are no added fees (in SB) as long as the lock-in expires - correct me if I'm wrong. The PLDTMyDSL speeds shown are from a few months back (my sis is out-of-own since April) but it's basically the same. Speed average @ 700Kbps. Again, no tweaks.
  16. OT Umm... I think it's asian - Indian actually... But hell, we have lots of coconuts, so... ...and I don't see Adobo there....JK And yeah, take aside politics - we have a fun, happy culture.
  17. yeah... and the most friendliest forum yet i've ever joined in. ...thanks to a crappy start (connection), (and smartbro CSR), it led me here (speed testing) and i it ever since. Mabuhay! < from the Phils.
  18. To stop it... ctrl+alt+del - end session on firefox, and when opening firefox, it asks to "restore session" - hit "new session". or try this: Reply #31 http://www.testmy.net/t-22609.30 Rick Roll link: (just copy/paste/save it on notepad or something - do not "click" or else it will go off again) http://www.smouch.net/lol/ other pranks: (not so much like rick but it's also good) http://www.winterrowd.com/
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