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This Christmas song by the  Pogues and Kirsty Mcall, ( sad end for a great singer ) is getting mega airtime in the UK ,and may again reach to top spot at Christmas  2007


Yeah, we love a happy song to get drunk with  :evil2:

Merry Christmas to all on TMN , have a great time , .but spare a thought for those less fortunate ,

BTW, I take pay pal , cheques , money orders etc , make them payable to ....... :lol:

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she died?? i don't get what the song is about...guess i need to listen a couple of times...or find the lyrics...so i can understand it...great tune tho...be back after i give it few more listens


great Irish tune , and I know many TMN members share the Irish history

me included  

Kirsty McCall

On December 18, 2000, she and her sons went diving in Cozumel, in a specific diving area that watercraft were restricted from entering. With the group was a local veteran divemaster, Ivan Diaz. As the group was surfacing from a dive, a speeding powerboat entered the restricted area. MacColl saw the boat coming for her sons. Louis was not in the boat's path, but Jamie was. She was able to push him out of the way (he sustained minor head and rib injuries) but in doing so, she was hit by the boat and killed instantly

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thanks for the lyrics tdawnaz, it touches our Irish hearts here in the UK , yes we care about our kids more than anything else, as Kristy showed us all ,

is this not all our true lives , maybe now on a different level , I have personally been there , and now thankfully moved on , but I still remember those times , and that is good for me to remember my past failings , yeah Tadawnaz it's bitter- sweet , just like most of our lives ;

and it doesn't hurt to re visit from time to time , and I guess most of the UK feel the same way ,   it helps me to say Happy Christmas 2007, and a happy new year to 2008, to all my friends on TMN:smitten:

even even  the ones I disagree with ,  :lol:

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