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Help me please, somethings wrong with my Connection (smartbro 384kbps)

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The internet speed is good sometimes and then it will slow down or disconnect for a moment then after 1 minute its back again.  I have scanned for virus using nod32 and adaware, and it did not detect anything. im using windows xp service pack 2. Someone please help me im really exhausted of my connection. i cant play my online games now. Thanks for reading  :smiley:

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Hello sir coolbuster, its been a while since i post here cause im satisfied with my speed back then after i followed your tweaks my usual speeds is 300 kbps im ok with that coz i can play ragnarok with that speed but now im always experiencing disconnections. i have nod32 as antivirus and adaware for antispyware.  I think this happen when i installed a game RF online, i dont know if its coincidence or something but i uninstalled that game and still the problem continues. i hope you can help me thanks a lot.

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regarding speed test, speed burst allocation set in the canopy page usually alters the proper measurement of a particular connection...  it differs.  cablenut did helped me.. from 300 i got 400+ sustained and burst rate up to 1000+kbps..

burst rate usually last for about 5 seconds and then back to sustained which is 400. then probably after several seconds it bursts again for another 5 seconds.

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