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Retail or OEM


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I noticed that the retail comes with a few things extra.

Like software and cables.

I don't really need support. This is my second computer that I am building.

The other one was built with OEM parts.

I am building a Gaming computer to sell on Ebay.

I just wanted to get some feedback on this issue to make a decision.

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The retail version usually come with a better warranty then the OEM version. If you are not going to overclock it I would go with the retail version. Gaming computer usually cost a lot of money to built right,I do not think you will make a lot of money on Ebay [but I could be wrong ]. Also there are alot of other people doing the same thing [like small computer business that can get the part needed to built a computer for less money then you will be able to get buying from a retail store ].

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If your good enough to configure a smooth running gaming machine, and you know what your doing when you configure the thing, OEM parts are the same thing, just w/o all the bling!

For the MB, I personally have never bought an OEM board, Never needed to either. Just get the parts, and put them together. If you need any help, I think you know where to ask. Doesn't sound like you do , but we all need something from time to time.

Buntz is right though, if you try and squeeze every last bit of power by OC'ing everything then maybe, but they may test it, and see that you had voltages up to high and tell you to go pound sand. I  rarely have anything go sour, and when I blew something up ( MB) I just said, hey, I'm stupid, and I know nothing, it just wont work, what do you mean overclocking.  :evil6: Hell, they just give you a reconditioned board any how.

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