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Port Forward question


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from what i know, port forwarding don't work with Smart Bro 'cos we're just sharing IP address. that's why all Smart Bro subscribers have anI IP address that starts with 192.168, read a few post about port forwarding on Smart Bro in this forum somewhere, but i didnt get the chance to try it. sorry.if this wouldnt help you much.

why would you want to port forward if i may ask?

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I tried Utorrent, bittorrent, and a couple other torrent clients with smartbroKE, but because the smartbro NAT we are locked in blocks direct access to most ports, my speeds SUCKED and I could never get a normal connection.

Now I use Bitlord... somehow it's able to work around the NAT problem, and I get much better results consistently! I LOVE IT! I don't know why or how it does it, and I don't care as long as it thwarts the stupid smartbroke constraints. Give it a try, it's not a memory hog and doesn't use up your CPU speed either.

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using utorrent (on Windowss), ktorrent (which is bundled with Kubuntu) and havent' had any problem with downloads.  i didnt even have to setup any parameters. from what i know, I think the only drawback with Smart is you wont be able to seed because you dont have a port open directly, but you can leech anytime. donwloads sometimes can be very slow when many users belonging to your BTS are also downloading. Except for ebooks, i stopped downloading videos, softwares, etc. from torrents. i suggest you visit your nearest video CD outlets. i'm sure the title you want is available. I even asked almost everyone belonging to my base station to refrain downloading torrents so we can all have a better internet experience.

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