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Does Microsoft Innovate?


Do you think Microsoft Innovates?  

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  1. 1. Do you think Microsoft Innovates?

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So I want to know from you all, Do you think Microsoft innovates? It seems like every time someone at Microsoft opens there mouth they add in a "we are driving our innovation hard", "we are here to innovate" "we have unique innovations"

So do you think they innovate?

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I would have to say not any more.

As has been stated before, they have copied nearly all of there competitors ideas to the  "T " . To me, thats not innovation, thats lack of guidance from upper management.

That be the one to me. "USED" to. But not anymore. If it is, they have failed miserably. :angry:

For every happy person I have heard from, I have heard from with the exact opposite reaction to "VISTA"

Could there be a used to button?  :?:

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i think ms definitely innervates. just look at all the linux and mac fanboys that are constantly badmouthing them.

and like a wise man once said: eat more dung. 10 billion flies can't be wrong.

but seriously. i don't think microsoft "innovates" as much as a lot of smaller outfits do. this has a few probable reasons.

1. smaller outfits need to get killer new features on the market to even be noticed. that's what drives their sales.

2. to implement a new feature in the portfolio of existing software ms has means that it has to be included into a new version since there is no realistic way of "patching" a new feature into a deployed product. hence new features tend to get lumped together for a while then released with the next generation. since smaller otfits can include them in their stuff sooner it makes ms look "late",

and wth is wrong with copying someones good ideas anyhow?

ms has the advantage of a huge userbase that will just keep on buying their stuff. if some people migrate to mac or linux, so what? they will be back sooner or later because of some compatibility issue or other.

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if some people migrate to mac or linux, so what? they will be back sooner or later because of some compatibility issue or other.

Its not some people, its millions of people that are switching. And since leopard came out, its gone sky high. And a good amount of it can be tribute to Microsoft's failure to innovate. I can't think of anything that they have innovated on since windows 9.x

There code base is way too big, and total crap, and they can't innovate on that. Look at there mobile platform, its total garbage, hasn't really been changed since v4, apple comes in and spanks them, now google is going to come in and spank them some more.

The xbox is about the only thing they have done right in the past 5 years, and look how messed up that has been.

Not being able to innovate will be the death of Microsoft and its already happening. They are stuck in this 1980's mind set, and steve ballmer is going to be the worst thing to ever happen to them. He will be the one to kill Microsoft because he has no clue how to make his developers innovate.

EDIT: The biggest reason Microsoft falls to innovate now is because they are too big. All the teams they make for project's are too big and they can't seem to innovate when they do that. The first xbox team was very small and they did innovate with that.

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