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What damned oil shortage???

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First thank you tommie gorman for posting this video I listened to the whole thing.

I would like to know the names of the people that are really in control of the World Bank & IMF probably the speaker in the video didn't know those.I think either the illusive Illuminati or a similar group that doesn't have a name .You can bet there is a group of extremely rich like this at the control they just separate themselves with the "middlemen".

Now I know why no deal was made with Canada to connect to Canada's natural gas pipelines which would only take about a 300 mile pipeline across Alaska to Canada then through it to the USA.Supplying cheap natural gas.

I hope Iran succeeds in using Euros & supplying cheap crude oil & the US dollar does collapse.I think that's the best thing that could happen to the USA.Heres why if our dollar collapses that really only means in the rest of the world .It could & would still have value here.We just couldn't buy foreign goods & would have to make our own.We would still produce food & other countries would have to buy that or starve.So we wouldn't be as broke as it might look on paper.

I have long said the Congress should just declare the national debt gone & any country that no longer wants to trade with us fine.That alone would eliminate a lot of our problem & screw what it does to other countries.We have the ability to be self-sufficient.It might be hard for 5 years or so but the American people have survived a lot worse when they settled the country from coast to coast.We will just have to hope we still have some of that pioneer stamina.

tommie gorman;  For all the good it might do could you give me a link to the video?

I would like to send a copy to my Senator & Congressman.If the speaker was right they already know & it won't do any good.Also the fact that Texas is an oil state won't help.But maybe others will do the same in states where oil is not so big & could have more influence.

I guess the American people need to be more like the signers of the Declaration the speaker ended with :Willing to give all they have including their lives for freedom.

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I will have to email it actually. The link was what I put in the first place. Ok I'll put in broken. Here with 4 empty spaces between the ? and d . The only way I could think of.  :wink:

http://video.google.com/videoplay?    docid=3340274697167011147&pr=goog-sl

I have said for years we have been selling our alakan oil to russia out the back door, its not been too hidden. It comes up in the news every now and then. People just some times do not listen to the news properly. And I am talking regular TV news, not cable. We built the damed pipeline and where did it go? At first they tried to say we capped if for unreal reasons, then they let it settle in the dust. People are sheep, they prefer their everyday mundane lives to reality. Or everything is a conspiracy. I also believed for the longest that it was so we would have oil in the future at first. So we buy while its cheap, then when we have the only oil we would be on top of the heap. And by having our own reserves we  could manipulate prices for quite a while. Like the UK does not have much of their own, so they are forced by lack of their own to have to pay what ever.

Just some facts and thoughts.

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First what you posted is not the same thing. But I can see some closeness.

This is one time I gotta argue with snopes. For one it is not shorter to Asia than the middle east. Yet we are getting it from the middle east just the same. It will always be cheaper to use your own product than to import and ship for miles and miles. And I very much doubt that the US quit oil exports in 2000.

And you got to admit the humor of using a gov't research report from 2005 to debunk the us gov't going behind our backs. Like asking the devil if he lost that battle with god and his angels.  :evil:

And I used to have some faith in the snopes. I think I might start rethinking using it as a solid reference now though. Much like  google is not god.  :wink:

Can anyone do better?  :undecided:

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I love my land, and I love my flag, but what in God's name is happening with our Government?


Honestly our gov't started underground in the beginning. But dishonesty to where it evident like it is now. You know the way a thief starts getting bold and then he is caught. Well that started with the assassination of JFK in my opinion. And for those that do not already know it LBJ had it done.

So to answer your question mostly in the mid 50's with Vietnam. Especially when it got escalated in the mid 60's by LBJ. And also for those that think JFK started the Vietnam war, it was in the 50's. JFK only added troops in small numbers. LBJ expanded that number all to hell.  :angry:

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Yanno. Its only another phase in history. Like a kid growing up. I do not think we are in the toilet so to speak. We will survive, we just have to go in new and better directions. But what we really need to do is go backwards for once instead of forwards.

I feel we need to end our work in the world and go back  to isolationism. Where we wipe our own butt first for once and if any is left over let the rest fight and pay for it in CA$H.

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200 years worth of oil?

The US consumes 20.73 million barrels per day. Link

Thats 1,513,290 Million barrels needed to fullfil that 200 year promise (if the US maintains that 20.73 mbpd rate), which just so happens to be 300,000 million barrels above the current estimate of untapped oil in the world. Link

It's a shame we crack oil, or shorten the hydrocarbon chains, to make gasoline out of a product that could be used to make plastic components (think medical supplies among other cases).

On the other hand we spend so little money in research into collecting solar energy, a source of energy that is so abundant that if we focused earths share of the energy into an earthquake, it would break the earth in 2 on a daily basis. Link


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well i guess u all know where i'm sending that video...is this guy still alive after making this video??

NO telling he does look a bit old. And he is bruising a few ego's on there.  :wink:

I just hope he gets through.  [nerdly]

Even if it was not enough to do it alone, any help is greaty appreciated IMO. And would bring the price down considerably. Supply and demand.

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