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It has no impact


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I am not sure, i guess it would be whatever win 98 se has for a default. Cause the person that had the comp before me had no idea how to tweek a conn. It is set at 64,240 right now that seems to work best for me. :D

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I take it they are not free?? I don't know about stealing from a ignorant public. I wanted to know how to speed up my conn so i did some research and did it. If other people weren't so lazy and looked into it for themselves than they wouldn't get ripped off. So it is their own fault. :wink:

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Lemme guess your connection is below 768 kbps downloadspeed?

I tweaked alot and helped many friends set up their connections, below you can see why some need to tweak and some not.

Defult settings

Win 98 defult Rwin is 8192

Win ME defult Rwin is if i remember it right 16000 sumthing

win xp defult Rwin is 17520

8192 works for LAN with a 0 ms ping, and it works for dial up.

16000 works good up to 512 kbps download on cable and dsl.

17520 works good up to 768 kbps download on cable and dsl.

Tweaked settings

all connections with a download speed above 768 kbps with any OS.

Play with this Rwin calculator and you will find out how Rwin, MSS and latency affect bandwith.


Good luck :)

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Through experience, changing RWIN/MTU, has minimal impact. The changes seen, are barely noticeable. It's almost a waste of time.

It seems to me, that 'webrocket', 'internetbooster', etc.. all of these type programs, are stealing from an ignorant public.

:) Its true its true most of the download ables are 4 lazy people or people to scared to hack the reg....although I did learn alot from their mistakes ha ha it made it easier 4me to figure out what and how they were doing it.

If I remember correctly webrochet prefetches sites you have already visited.This was a little helpful for dialup except they had to put their spy ware B.S. in with it. Computers to me are kinda like old sports cars ya got alot of fine tunning to do pretty regular.The books are mostly guide lines one size doest fit all,in fairness PC ' s come ready to work on any hook up

they are not set for peak performance blah blah blah but I hope you are enjoying the site,and theres always a good exchange of ideas here.all this fine tuning 4me recently has been removing and keeping out these bottom feeding,scum sucking,rippoff,hijacker asswipes who want to sell the fix for what they created......of course I'm not bitter LOL

8) Microwave

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