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Obama dishes out millions for GA, NC


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Obama dishes out millions for GA, NC

Posted: Aug 5, 2008 11:49 PM

Updated: Aug 5, 2008 11:52 PM

Millions spent to appeal to neighboring states

Live 5 News Headlines

Obama dishes out millions for GA, NC

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By Hatzel Vela, Live 5 News

Charleston, SC (WCSC) - Winning South Carolina gave Barack Obama a boost on the national stage during this year's primary season.

But the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee is skipping the Palmetto state, instead spending millions to get support from voters in two neighboring states.

At a local rally Tuesday night, state democrats tried to get potential voters excited about Obama's candidacy.

It's just one of several 'campaign for change' events being held across the state.

But the rally was tame in comparison to what's happening in Georgia and North Carolina, where voters are getting pounded by Obama ads.

State party leaders say the Palmetto state is not getting snubbed. Obama is spending more money in the neighboring Georgia and North Carolina because they are larger states with more electoral votes, and places where Obama didn't spend too much time during the primary season.

"You have to remember he spent 10 months in South Carolina. He spent a couple of weeks (in Georgia and North Carolina.) There is a ready-to-go organization here in SC," State Democratic Chairman Carol Fowler said.

Fowler said just because you don't see as many TV ads in Charleston, it doesn't mean there isn't organization.

"We've got phone banks going every night. We've got people canvassing every weekend," she said.

Then there are the thousands of volunteers who helped Obama win the primary, Fowler said.

She doesn't want people to rule out seeing Obama campaigning back in the Lowcountry and definitely doesn't want voters to rule out South Carolina possibly going Democrat in November, something that hasn't happened since Jimmy Carter won the presidency.

"Naysayers say this is such a Republican state, but this is much less a Republican state than it was four years ago and this is much less a Republican national than it was four years ago," Fowler said.

State Republican officials said it's simple: South Carolina has a good reputation for picking republican president and that voters in the state know John McCain well.

They add McCain already has support not only from Republicans, but from Independents as well.

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Obama didn't dish out anything, it's the dems and the money behind them.

I wish the best for all candidates, but I really don't think he'll win, it used to be how much money you had, and how much media controlled what the public sees, The problem there all facing is they cannot keep track of there blatant lies anymore because of information technology.

News papers are failing every day due to the one sidedness, and readers are fed up.

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