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Canopy ip address?


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so anyway, I use to be able to access my canopy at etc, but when I was having connection difficulties one frustrating day, I changed the DHCP setting to enable or something like that. anyways, it actually was a line of sight issue, so that setting was unecessary to touch.

problem is, now, i cant access the SM at that above address. everything still works fine and im on the internet browsing right now etc. well, anyways, I just want to get back into the webpage of the canopy SM and have a look around because I want to have a webcam sending out video, so I guess I need to open some ports? is port mapping possible with the canopy SM?

so if the SM is now getting its ip from the smart base station due to DHCP, how do I then know the allocated ip so that i can open the SM webpage?


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I should mention, Im on a mac OSX machine. any mac gurus out there able to help me please?

I mentioned that even though I have changed the DHCP setting in the canopy SM, internet still works fine, and I dont want to mess with much anyway. I simply want to get my webcam working. is that possible with the 999p smartbro wifi residential plan?

do smartbro wifi open any ports for even trying to do redirection? I have "ip internet webcams" . they dont even need a computer attached. they just need the live internet connection and port forwarding activated.


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I'm not sure about your canopy, but if you need to change network settings in your Mac, then goto system preferences , , look for  " network " , then click on the adapter you are using, you should be able to change these settings in here, by clicking on the  " advanced  " button.

If this is not what your looking for , post up.

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