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Fisher Price Doll Promotes Islam in the US


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I saw the one that the guy disagreed.

The point is parents that bought this doll didn't know until they & their children heard message.

If the doll had been advertised as "For Muslim children " then the parents would have been informed.

Roco : No a Christians faith is not weak but neither do we want Christian children taught another religion on the sly.

How do you think a doll that said "Jesus is the light" in the Arabic language & sold in Saudi Arabia would go over?

I think their law would put the store owner in jail & confiscate all the dolls.Which would probably be burned in the street.

From what I've read there are Islamic neighborhoods in the UK where you wouldn't want to sell the "Jesus is the light" doll either .If there was such a doll.

Roco maybe the Christians you have met in the UK have weak faith .Here Christians are pretty up front & will tell you about our religion right to your face.We don't have to be sneaky & put unadvertised messages in a toy.

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Just think of all the subliminal  " little treats " lol, we get to ingest all day, everyday.  So what , even if the doll is saying this. ( sure sounds like it though )


You wanna keep track of what goes in the brain of your kid ?  Throw the TV to the garage, try singing to them, play games with them, show them the light, the light of reality, not toy's to occupy there empty brains, so you can  " take a break ".

Stupid breads stupid.

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Yeah, the best investment one has is the kids.  :smiley: Its supposed to be why we have them. In reality I was busy today, I found my two kids in the yard arguing over raking the yard. I did not even know they were gonna do that. So to my suprise my kids were raking leaves. Now those are good kids who do not watch much TV for real.  :smitten: Yep I was proud. I do have to wonder if those were really my kids though.  :wink:

Make work fun, it will last a lifetime. I make challenges of it too. Who can make the biggest pile? Or the fastest? Etc...

And rewards too.  :angel:

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