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Any tweak guide for the computer?

Guest pgu579

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Are there any Tweak Guide for the computer.

I sitting behinde my mothers computer and it is very slow.

They use the same win xp swedish home version as i do.

So what can you do to make windows go faster if you dont want to upgrade the computer.

Post links if you have any to a tweak guide that works.

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A+ to you ROCO. Exactly what i wanted, Easy to see and use.

:lol: I like them free and easy , a good start off tool ,

you could have a look at http://www.blackviper.com/ ,  but I would sugest you print off the services list for your O/S , and note what you have running now , make a restore point before making any changes ,

the ideal is to get as few as possible procceses running with a usable computer ,

I got 36 runing at the moment , 

BTW "I sitting behind my mothers computer and it is very slow." if it ain't your computer be carefull ,

nothing is garenteed , apart from a thick ear from Mom if it goes wrong  :lol:

edit to add my screen shot

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Been a long time since I've been to Blackvipers web site. Thanks for the reminder! :afro:[nerd]

always found the old stuff is best , :lol:


I just been setting up a new laptop with vista installed . well a first for me , and I guess like the Harley , I am born to run in the past , I finaly got XP  pro. under controll,

:lol: , so vista passed me by , Win 7 may go ther same route, hell I got friends on 98,

P.s. any news on the Titanic , its overdue in New York

LOL back space for me is http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=jP-s3OqCGhA

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