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Vista/MS funny as hell !!! I think


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So I boot to Vista from the macbook pro via bootcamp partition to sync my ppc data and weekly schedule I beamed from iCal,  ( the  "missing sync" for the HTC PPC is a pain in the carcass, and very much unstable, or I'd just use it ), aar, so I start up Vista after not using it for a week, on the bottom right corner I get this something like " this copy of Vista is not legitimate " . which I paid for it, in the box , in the wrapper, from my local shop.

I get to a tech that seems to know what she's talking about, I soon realize something upstairs has "shifted" to the left, maybe an biological electrical storm on the planet chzassarr has taken the moisture from the layers between the white, and grey matter.  Who knows , but this is what i get first.

She tells me I have a  "burnt" copy of Vista, and I could be subject to prosecution , starts giving me this junk about how people like me are stealing from the pockets of children because MS gives so much of there profits to help the unfortunate.  So I listen to this for a few, hoping that when they say this could be recorded, that this one is being recorded. I tell her I have not "stolen gubment cheeze from Hajii, I paid for the disk, and have everything she needs to verify . I ask to speak to someone that can assist me in my issue, she goes off, I mean she goes off,  " you sayin I dunno my job ? you sayin because I'm black you want to speak to someone white ? "  ( I knew she was having trouble with the English language, but that's what you get when calling) She goes  ON and ON ! I'm gettin a bit tired of this by now ready to hang up , and right this off as maybe I'm in the twilight zone, and she snaps out of it and says she may have " misunderstood " what I was saying.

She then asks me a couple of by all standards reasonable questions about my system, she finds out I have Vista installed on a separate partition on a apple computer, it took her quite some time to understand this could be done,  I'm for sure at this point that either Ashtin Kutcher is gonna pop on laughing his arse off , of maybe Allen Funt rose from his resting place for one last jazz on me. lol

Finally she tells me I cannot legally install Vista on a Mac, that I need to uninstall it immediately, and she can help me no further in this matter, and kindly asked me if she could help me with anything else.

People, WHAT THE HELL ???????????? :idiot2:  :shocked::shock::roll::?:buck2::?::icon_pale::icon_shaking: :icon_shaking:   :2funny: :2funny: :2funny: :2funny: :2funny: :2funny: :2funny: :2funny: :2funny: :2funny: :2funny: :2funny: :2funny:

I had to have dialed the wrong number, right ?   Right ?

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I'll even bet when you try to change the product key it says it a bad number even tho it good! :wink:

I don't even need to, the thing runs fine, except the desktop background went black.

Checking my router logs, Vista still accesses the web from the root folder somewhere, even while not mounted !!!!!!!

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Of all months to have to hear that racist crap. New prez, MLK's BD, and black history month to boot.  :haha: :haha: :haha:

I am still waiiting for our Irish History month. March will do.  :azn: And free green beer all month.  :occasion14:

I was actually embarrassed for her poor self image, to be honest, I wasn't clear before the comment , nor did i care what nationality she was. But it was made an issue wasn't it. I'm still wondering whether the call was recorded. Don't really care, it's not important, but I couldn't believe I was having that conversation with MS, why is it relevant, it isn't. That is not why I called, I didn't care then, and i dont care now, I just would have liked to get an answer to my questions. So much for that for now, I have better things to do.

If anyone else has this issue with a legit copy of Vista Ultimate, let me know please.

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