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I just registered, but I have been using this site for the past few days trying to figure out what's going on with Comcast High Speed Internet service. I could go to the "post my scores" forum, since I have a couple of pretty good scores, or one of the "problem" forums since I have some terrible scores - the last one is 0 (zero) since the test page wouldn't load and the test stopped at 89% complete. If someone sees this message, OK to respond, but I will post something more complete elsewhere. I am not a gamer, I do however view flash and steaming video and, of course, download software from time-to-time. I am also a Mac user, although a relative newcomer to Mac. I was a PC user for many years until I got fed up with security and Windows in general. I love Mac for what I do nowadays. I'm older than you think and I am a former corporate executive, now doing consulting (in international marketing, my specialty is consumer and professional audio equipment) and living in Northeast Florida  after spending most of my life in Southern California - I want to return to California, Florida sucks. However, my issue for these forums is Comcast. I have DirecTV for television, Vonage for home phone (relies on Comcast), T-Mobile for mobile phones and Comcast for high speed Internet. The issue with Comcast is a huge variation in connection speed.

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More from maduce - three months after the first post (above) I have a new modem from Comcast and the attention of Comcast Cable Communications Management whenever I have a problem. Apparently my old modem (Motorola) did not allow the use of the "Comcast Power Boost", an accelerator for the first 12 Mb of downloaded data. The Comcast accelerator tends to mess up the TMN speed test, but the new modem seems to have helped make my testing more consistent. Comcast has its own test site, but the site really only measures the accelerator. I have had some huge inconsistencies since then (about mid-February) but these are normally temporary. A few days ago the Comcast speed site gave me reading varying from a phenomenal 33 Mbps to a miserable 6 Mbps (this is for the power boost only) during a 12 hour period. Normally, the power boost measurement runs from 12 Mbps to 18 Mbps at the closest point (Atlanta for me). The TMN download tests vary according to file size. Best results are from the 6 Mb test, which runs twice in just over 7 seconds. The 12 Mb test is worst, since it takes UNDER 7 seconds to run the 12 Mb (due to the CC accelerator), so it also runs twice, the second 12 Mb is without the accelerator. Probably best and most consistent is the 25 Mb test which always seems to be in the 9.6 to 9.9 Mbps range (if the Internet is normal).

I also think that there is some intermittent problems going on (meaning momentary dropouts of signal) that are hard to quantify of even describe. I am going to contact Comcast again to make sure these problems are fixed before I turn off my DirecTV service and use the Internet for all entertainment and communications!

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Bet you powerboost and mine are basically the same thing. I'm on TWC, ( there one in the same AFAIK ) So if I take the 50, or the 100MB test, then I get super accurate results. Depending on traffic through the networks.

And the hesitation I have come to the conclusion is there servers throttling the bandwidth it catches after the initial "boost" or temporary opening of the boot file commences to cease. Just takin a guess though

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