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Digital Audio Out (Optical)

Mr. Hahn

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I have audio going from my laptop to my surround sound through optical. My problem is that whenever there's audio silence, the optical light signal essentially turns itself off when not in use. Whenever something starts playing again, it takes 2-3 seconds for the sound to actually make it from the laptop to coming out of the speakers. This isn't a problem most of the time, like when playing a movie, game, etc. because the audio feed is kept constant. But if I start a music playlist or a short video clip on some website like youtube, a few seconds is chopped off of the front of the first song or video.

Is there an option to toggle or some way of making the audio feed constant so nothing gets chopped off when the signal starts up again? I know the PS3 does it because I've never had the problem with it before. If it's on, it's feeding an audio signal even when there's no actual audio coming through the wire.


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I should have replied earlier, I searched for a bit on the subject and didn't find anything worth while.  I'll look some more, but sounds like you have a temporary fix.( creative if nothing else)

I'm not familiar w/ using optical audio, maybe you could enlighten me as to the basics. What's the control method, such as scripting, or programming. Is there a GUI, or is it basically an automated built in deal ?

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I honestly couldn't tell you as far as the scripting and programming aspects of it go. I just know it's a digital audio signal transmitted over light from my laptop to my surround sound receiver. The laptop only transmits the data (turns the light on) when there's audio to be transmitted. From the initial flow of light to actually coming out of the speakers takes 3 or 4 seconds, so I'm just looking for some kind of option to toggle on the computer or way to keep the optical signal going all the time, like when I have Winamp playing in the background, so it's ready to be used at a moments notice.

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