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Free Remote Desktop/File Share


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  I'm used to this whole windows thing , that ends up being at times more trouble then not, I stumbled across Teamviewer , FAST, and simple, remote , file share, cool as hell. Free to private use. I have used it today already, or I wouldn't have posted this for you to check out. Works great !

You don't have to install it if you don't want to,  :0 Works from there server  :o

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Used it last week myself.  Best part is that a friend or relative that is basically computer illiterate can get help across the country.  Once the server portion is installed on the host PC you can send an e-mail to the person needing help.  They click on the link in the e-mail and have the option of "Run" or "Save" the program.  If they "Run" they have noting on the computer when done.  If they "Save" they will no longer need the link from you.  Anyway once the file is "Run" all they need to do is give you the "Login" and the "Password". This will allow you to work through firewalls.  It works great and is very simple to use.  There is also a way to be able to set it up so that an individual can keep using it after a reboot.  Great  for use on you own personnal server or to login to you home PC from the road.

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