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Rights and Responsibilities: Government illegalities


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So lets bring it on, how has our governement overstepped their constitutional capacities and what has it done to us....

Facts and logic please, no passion allowed


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It started with Woodrow Wilson, and his progressive idealism's. Not to exclude the beginning of the Federal Trade Commission that claims to protect people from fraudulent sales and deception, but really keeps control of what as US citizens and business people can market.  Trying to create issues between many countries, the Central Powers was created, your going to have to come to your own educated conclusion as to the true nature of the central powers, it's deep. The Federal drug prohibition act , or Harrisons Narcotics Tax , was defiantly a wrong move in controlling what drugs can and cannot be sold, and taxing those who import such drug has been warped into what we know today as "drugs are illegal, unless the government sell them. I say defiantly because the people will do what they want, and those that have control know this therefore created  trillion dollar ( or much more )year market on this fact.

I would like to have everyone read, understand, and investigate  what "Posse_Comitatus_Act" is, and how it will soon effect every U.S. citizen. This will be one of the most important things we will need to understand, in the very soon future.

I want to get more info on just how long we ( the US ) have been in a state of emergency, it's something like 50 years, which allows the government to do many things that they normally would not be allowed to do. I'll find the fact s and edit this post.

I could go on, and i will.

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