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Command Prompt (CMD.EXE)


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Does anyone know of any good sites that could be used to learn how to use the cmd.exe command prompt.

Can you post what you want to do, or re you just in general looking for some of the commands. I know some people like use it for all kinds of system operations, so i was just curious what your intentions were.
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i just got an I/S tech job for a warehouse and i'm trying to study a few things and learn some new stuff

The links that ryan gave you are a great place to start , once you get accustomed to loking at windows this way, by then you'll be needing more commands, here's a great list, and some damn good info to go w/ each one, remembering that using a shell like this can and will make changes to your system, some will work , some wont. Maybe you'll post your progress, as you go, I will follow this thread myself, and I'm sure many others will as well. Were always looking for new ways to do  "things" to our systems , so when you find a good way of doing something , can you post it for us ?
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