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best way to triple boot

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Ok, so I have windows 7 Rc that im going to reinstall, and xp pro (which im on) and mandriva 2009, whats the best way to triple boot these on one harddrive?

edit/ ok so should i partition my hard drive and install windows 7 first so i have a dual boot of xp pro and windows 7, then install mandriva, or which order i guess.

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Install whatever windows OS , then use Linux to make space on the XP partition and then use the GRUB bootloader to dualboot XP, then install whatever else yo want, once yo get into triple booting, it can get a bit silly, but it's done every day. If your gonna get into Lilo, then you'de better do your homework, it can test your knowledge.

Just write down EVERYTHING, the location on the drive of every entry, and you'll be ok, I think you've done close to this before , havent you ?

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yup i've done it before but not with 2 windows versions and linux. so im just making sure on here and doing some research. dont wanna screw up lol.

I always keep in mind that if we never fail, then we never gain. That goes with anything, so read up, and do what  you think is right, then note everything you did.

It's been a while since I've done it, but somewhere on here I wrote a guide, something that worked for the application I was dealing with.

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