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Anyone on TestMy from Alabama??


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haha.. i wouldnt know.. but yeah..  Was there for the snow storm of like 95-96 i think it was the "blizzard of the century" it was really peaceful out there.. a lot different than suburbia of chicago.. but West Lafayette IN is pretty easy going not much rush to do anything.. if you know what I mean :roll:

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Oh I do know. The pace is way slow here in KY. Compared to back east. Every time I go back home it doesn't take long to get back into the swing of things. The first horn that blows at me or the first bird I see, yep, I'm home. ;)

I left just before that storm, though I was sent some home movies of it. Figures. It don't snow much here.

btw, bama sorry for going off topic in your thread. :?

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sorry I'm bored, sitting here doing my taxes.. :cry: :cry: :cry: this on line crap is for the birds. :cry: :cry:

Blah you think thats bad.. in a few i gotta do that stupid 4 hour online driving school thing when you get a ticket.. for the 3rd time...

BTW im testing from florida.. :S

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