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OK, I have the opprotunity at my job to work at home with my wife, which is a dream of mine.

The problem seems simple but its dumbfounded me.

We was provided with Igel computers, thinkpads basically.

To connect, we connect through a VPN. My  network is running through a WRT150N Wireless router.

A quick scenario;

My wife connects to the VPN fine, and logs in to her station. As soon as I click the connect button for my VPN login, her computer locks up, and mine continues to connect.

This works vice versa too.

I do have VPN Passthrough enabled on my router, and made sure everything I could was enabled to make this work. This router I bought about 6 months ago, and I'm pretty sure it could do the job.

I contacted my IT department, and they said they have connected multiple computers through the VPN on a standard router that was provided to them and worked fine. The IT guy told me to try a new router, but bfore I got spend the money I wanted some input from you guys.

Could this be on my end, or possibly their network end not allowing more than 1 connection from the same IP address?

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Without looking at it, it will be tough, but from where I sit, there's an IP conflict. You should be able to set up a static IP on at least one of the machines, this way that IP is tied up, and won't be leased out. There are VPN settings in most routers, have a peek and see if there's anything that can be done .

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Thanks for your response, but I finally sorted it out.

The router I have apprently doesnt work well with VPNs, but its got VPN capabilities, go figure. So I had a spare cisco router and configured it through command lines and now it works like a dream - still kind of odd that a VPN approved router, cant handle more than 1 VPN connection

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