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Internet Proxy/ Myspace Proxy


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So i just started a Proxy site for all the High school kids to get on mspace as well as for any1 else who has block access by their company/ goverment

Anyway the site is at SXSWCrazy.com

Besides trying to get the word out

I was wondering if anybody else had a proxy site if so how much can you expect to make from it?

Are they worth it?

Whats the best CPM proggrams out there?

I got Adbright any good or bad experiences with that?

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Also I need a few suggestions for some proxy domain names

If any1 have any ideas please let me know

Im looking to make about 5 of them and need some good domain names

Religioussanctuary    :evil6:

scholarfundamentals    :grin2:

principalsmessage      :cool:

educationalfoundationofschools    :haha:

Making ones that frack with the filters. Unless they do it manually to ban the proxy.

I read that the Australian ISP Internet filter tests is doing well(or at least I thought is was them). Blocking education type stuff, but not blocking pr0n.  :twisted:  Australia is going to be worse than China's Great Wall. And of course any traffic passing through Australia might get bit as well.  ...is expected to cost AUS$189 million (US$123 million) to implement. And then whatever numbers are hidden.

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some schools do it manually as they find out what their kids are using

but most have some form of automated program that will try to prevent you from accessing proxy sites

as long as u dnt mention proxy or myspace to much you will not be block automatically

I like the first two suggestions

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