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I am planning on making a website to list glitches in maps in unreal tournament. I registered the domain utglitches.net. Someone said epic might sue me... dunno if they were joking or not.

As long as i state i'm not in anyway affiliated with epic and that all trademarks are theirs, would they sue me?

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Nah, they cant sue you for publishing glitches that are due to programing error. Now if you are listing how to hack or ruin others playing experience like with Gameshark, they could come after you but thats doubtfull as well. I say go for it. Hell if CA3LE has been selling male prostitutes on this site for years and not get shutdown your ok. :haha:

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They couldn't sue you period. If all you are doing is posting glitches, they have no recourse, that is not illegal. They made a game and they made the glitches. Now when you sign up to play on line you agree in the user agreement not o use them, but that is diffrent from publishing. Don't sweat it. Even if they tried it would get them nowhere, you would take down the site and they would have no further case in this instance. :D Trust me I ran a VERY shady internet business to get through college and never got busted. :haha:

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