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just to say thank you...


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to our very observant and diligent loyal members...

one more spammer down...he's now banned and i'm in the process of removing all his posts...

that will take me a few...but i didn't wanna take another step without tell you all thank you so much...good job clicking the report button...

don't ever hesitate...this time several of you were on it...but maybe you'll be the only one next time...

awesome job...this is what makes this a fun place...

thank you... :kiss::smitten::smiley:

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it was crazy...dude was spamin all over...actually mostly in the rr brighthouse boards...some topics from 2004...one reminded me...where's reno?? little brat...well he should be a big brat by now :) he's been here but not posted

anyway 14 posts in like 20 minutes...all saying 'bout the same thing...and these guys caught it...and instead of responding...they just clicked the "report to moderator" button...my wrist was killing me by the time i was done deleting and moving and merging and moving all of them...but i got them all thanks to u guys...keen eyes :-P

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I remember about a year ago when some spammer sent my "erotic" stories translated from indian with really long "oooooooh"s and "aaaaaah"s that would span many lines, it was quite an amusing read. Ofc, a mod was advised and that user was swiftly banned.

oh my gosh i remember that...lots of members got those stupid stories...and it didn't stop with banning one or two members...we ended up banning several ip's from that area...they were all coming out of a call center...guess they were bored :2funny:

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I don't know about this forums Moderator software, but to mass delete posts, you get the users name that has the many spam posts, and then you click to show all their posts and then click the master check mark and then click delete.

Then go to ban the user name(either first or second).

Then ban the IP as well(maybe ban first if they are on the boards at the time), if a quick search shows it's a large known spammer IP.

There are large centers in India that have 'Organic' Spam Bots. They are slightly easy to notice by their writing style. Their replies go with a thread, but some replies leaving you scratching your head.

Signature Spammers take a bit more work. Since many people don't notice the signature link or they may click on the link and get their system hosed and then complain to the Mods about letting ,Bla, Bla, Bla...

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