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well i had some questions dealing with ddr2 and ddr3 ram types, so after a quick search i found a nice video that gives the basics on those, i just would like to share incase anyone else had any questions concerning them....mods sorry if this should be in off topic, but i felt as i thought it should be here in general.  :smile2:

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Nice vid Ryan.

Thought I would add my understanding as well, wherever I'm wrong please correct me.

With sdram (single data rate)  the divider was only running at the same rate as the bus, with drr , or double data rat , the bandwidth is able to run twice as fats because due to the read and writes are on the up, and down side of the sine wave, ddr3 uses the same idea, only the data is written on the up, flat, and down side of the modulation, or clock speed of the bus.

I know the wording is probably incorrect, it's been a while, but this is how it was explained to me when ddr first was available.

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i cant really argue with you mudman, as i may have wording mixed up and confuse the issue, but the point of your post seems perfectly correct to me. at least i know what your saying if something is misworded, but i still understand it all when you explained it.

and tommie, DDR3 has many more uses, i mean with the new technology for faster CPU's and everything the DDR12 just was getting slow and not keeping up as well. dont get me wrong its still great to use today, but if you want top of the line performance, ddr3 has higher stock clock rates than ddr2 and just has the technology in it to keep on par with faster cpu's than ddr2. one day ddr2 will be like floppies are now, and ddr3 will be like dvd rewriters. (probably a bad comparision, but i think the point is still here). just faster, better, more stable ram for tomorrows tech.  :grin:  not to mention take the highest frequency of ddr2 ram and notice its considerably lower than the 2ghz clocked ddr3.  :shocked:

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At identical base speed and timings, DDR3 grants double the bandwidth than DDR2. Of course, DDR3 has a few other extra features, but that's the general idea. However, the performance difference is less than double, actually closer to a few percentage points at most.

<snip> everything the DDR12 just was getting slow and not keeping up as well.

DDR12... hmm... :whaa: ... I'll take two. :evil6:

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