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Get your 'mandatory' Internet passport, maybe? NOT!


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Kaspersky's online police state, calls for end to net anonymity.

So lets hear the shouting.  

Not going to work.

Passports being faked.

Hackers taking your passport credentials and pretending to be you online.

So much easier for the Government to jail you for being a prick, When you divulge the B.S. that the Government does to people.

Enlarging on a comment on the articles site, on how it will help to keep oppressed women in the desert countries from using the Internet. Since woman are for making babies and washing their masters feet.  :shock:

And with Passports. How will Kaspersky make his money in crapware fighting? Or will he be the head MAN of the Internet control force. Since if you have a passport and get caught doing something that wasn't you doing it in the first place, You will be shot out of a cannon at a brick wall.  :roll:  While your neighbor Steve Has to now use another neighbors hackable WiFi.  :azn:

The simple Internet license test is,

#1 What is Spyware?

#2 What is a Trojan(and not the condom)?

#3 What do each of those little lights on your modem and router mean?   :evil6:


Security boss calls for end to net anonymity

Kaspersky's online police state

By Dan Goodin in San Francisco

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Socialistic insanity, I stopped at the part where it states how public access to the internet should not have been done the way it was, what  joke, so only for people like him, he's not thinking, because if it weren't for us, he would be nothing.  I'll read the rest after clearing my head.

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this is ridiculous and would never work. maybe in communist countries...

Well thats where the U.S. comes in, see, thats what the majority vote for. So I wouldn't be so fast to brush it off. People enjoy being controlled. They just don't realize how much, until it happens to them, then it's too late.
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There are many, many little laws that are enacted by 1% of the population. And with these laws, no one would Majority vote for without  having proper checks and balances for exactly how innocent people will be treated under those little laws.  And the main illegality of some of these little laws, is there is no vote by the open population on them.

The BC government said once, "well if you believe we committed a crime, go to your local police detachment and have charges filed against the Government". Knowing full well the officers would tell you to pizz off.

And the BC Liberal Government said, "Well you voted for us, so we must be doing what you want us to do. So piss off and quit complaining."

And how do you spend a few million dollars every few weeks? Make a 'donation' to your favorite drunkard/pervert in high Government office.

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