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  1. this is ridiculous and would never work. maybe in communist countries...
  2. http://www.teamviewer.com teamviewer is free and does the same thing that copilot program does.
  3. i played xbox live with my cell phone, which uses EV-DO. I could talk to multiple people and it was clear too, and i only had two bars of signal
  4. Hi, I was looking into getting a new LCD monitor and the Acer H213H caught my eye. I was reading some reviews on it and one person claimed that he could not get the 1920x1080 resolution to work on Windows XP. I was wondering if anyone here owned this monitor and knew anything about that issue or any other reason why I should not get it. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824009157&Tpk=acer%20h213h Any reply/help is much appreciated, thanks.
  5. anyone know where i can find a cable that goes from two RCA connectors(red and white) into a port (like to plug in headphones, speakers etc)
  6. that makes me sad :[ I wanna play!
  7. OR, he lives on his own and can actually afford all of that and doesn't bother anyone!! who would have guessed!
  8. works really well and best of all it's free
  9. Matt Damon is a human being, therefore intelligent. you, ghostmaster, are a human being, therefore intelligent. The man who wrote this must be intelligent too right? It's someones opinion, just because their job isn't "respectable" doesn't make it false.
  10. I only have a 512MB DDR stick right now, I'm waiting for crucial to send a replacement. BTW is there any way to change the letters in my username from "saygoodie" to "SayGoodie" thanks
  11. it's cool they're replacing them, with 2nd day air shipping. not bad
  12. They are in the correct slots because a DDR2 stick wouldn't fit in a DDR1 slot and yes the BIOS reads it as "512 MB DDR2 (533)"
  13. It is DDR2, it does say 1GB on each stick but only reads as 512MB. Yes I called them back after I updated the BIOS. They claim that it is my PC but I don't see how it would only read 512MB.
  14. I recently bought 2GB (1GB x2) DDR2 PC2 4200 RAM from crucial.com (therefore I believe it's supposed to be compatible with my motherboard) I put one stick of RAM in and it read as 512MB. I put two in and it read as 1GB. Crucial told me to update the BIOS so I did, but with no change. :[ Help? Mobo: ECS P4M800PRO-M (2.0)
  15. I have experienced both. I grew up in southern california and lived a few years in new mexico. I'm now back in California and I love it
  16. I haven't heard of anybody getting hurt, I haven't heard of damage either. A few stuff fell of my desk including a picture :[. but all is well. I'm sure people got mildly hurt when stuff fell on them but nothing serious.
  17. it was the most violent one I've ever felt in my life, it only lasted about 8 seconds though
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