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IP Address Question

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General Question Here: Lately i've been trying to learn alot about computers and i thought it was common belief that the internal ip address of an computer never changes, that it is always the same. Could someone verify/correct me on this? Because i just read an article saying that your ISP (dont know what that is either please explain) changes your IP everytime you log back onto the internet. Please help :S

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The internal IP is generally set as dynamic within the router/ modem, this will but not always change each time the device requesting access to an outside network is turned on, or active.

The ISP, or Internet Service Provider , also as a rule sends dynamic IP's to the modem, the modem will them "lease" out dynamic IP's to devices on the internal network. Business class connections, servers ect. would need a static IP, so it can be arranged with something humanly memorable in the form of a URL or, website name then is stored on a DNS Domain Name Server, which allows the request to be answered , and directed faster, without a huge worldwide search of every connected device on the internet.

Each device is generally capable of being set up with a static IP from within the IP server, or router.

Hope that helped, if you need more , ask :)

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