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I have choppy online video


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My PC is connected to my M933 Dell monitor, and to a Samsung 42" LCD TV, via HDMI cable

I have a Dell 8300 series ,

Pentium 4 CPU, 3.00GHz,

2.99GHz, 1.00GB of RAM

Here is my nightmare in short:  In April I purchased a Radeon ATI 2400 HD Pro AGP and had to call support because the drivers on the setup disk were not working. They told me to download a driver online which I did. I installed it and  everything was fine... until a 2 days ago. I encountered a problem, and believe a few files were corrupted, so I ran my anti-spyware program (Super-Antispyware).  Doing things in a rush, I think I deleted the infected file instead of repairing it. I then permamently deleted  the file with a wipe program. It was to late to recuperate it, so I downloaded a Vison Tec ATI 2004 HD Pro AGP driver, which is newer driver, and installed it. The results: when I watch online  movies or internet tv, the video becomes somewhat choppy, that is, it runs a for 2 or 3 seconds, pauses for less then a second,  then does it again and again. Almost every 2 or 3 seconds , there is a less then a second pause (choppy). I never encountered that problem before. The  video has always been running smooth, like a movie.  I just tried watching  CNN live online before posting here. I watch CNN daily, and befroe this problem, the video was  always smooth... now it  is a bit "choppy".  It is not limited to only CNN, but also other online video sources (youtube, hulu, etc). I called ATI support, and they  told me to run a simple hotfix ATI  driver and believe they just wanted me to resolve my problem without  caring about the quality. I say this because, the driver characteristics were simple (it wasn't HD), and it didn't work either. It seemed like they just wanted to get rid of me . Before I call them and blow my stack, what do you recommend? Thanks for the help!

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First thing I would do is place the installation disk in the machine, when you get the autorun screen that asks what you want to do , just  "X" out of it.

Then goto Start > Run > and type "cmd" w/o the quotes , this will start a shell.

Next, go ahead and type in  " sfc /scannow "  again without the quotes.

What this is , is a system utility to go through all windows basic system file, that are a necessity to properly run windows, and it's components. This can take quite a while, generally it will run for anywhere between 1/2 hour, to 1 hour.

If the utility se's on start, that there is much corruption, and or missing files (hence you said you deleted some " things"  ) , then it will switch mode , and you will see something like deleting file XXXX ... and so on, no worries, it's getting ready to put the files windows needs where, it needs them.

In many cases, if the system files were trashed, you will eventually ,after a restart, se what you normally se when you install windows, saying something to the effect of,  " install will finish in approx 39 minutes, then  "installing devices " and so on.

Make sure, before you start this utility, that you have your installation key . More times then not when performing this operation, you will need it to activate before you can use the system.

I would the proceed to install the proper divers for your particular vid device.  Check to se if Omega Drivers has a driver for you, they are bar none better then any other driver out there, and specifically designed for the device.

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