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Web Server?


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Thinking about running a mostly private web server, but I am not sure what I want to use it for.  I have a FTP server set up for myself when I go out of town, for close friends to get some files from me.

I dont have a lot of upload bandwith (384KB up) so I can't really run anything that would pull a ton of bandwith.


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i run apache here to do some testing with php and mysql

runs fine and a so far thumbs up

there is some all in one intregrated packages some of my friends have

i dont know their name but they have had some trouble with it saying its up and its not processing the php and stuff like that

keep it simple

just apache pure

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Oh I have Apache running and everything.  I used my website that is hosted on Comcast as a test and it works no doubt.  I just thought there were some cool things I could actually do with it to serve a nice function. 

Oh and all this is running on a machine I pulled out of the sell scrap pile at work and pieced together.

Dual PIII 733MHz (supports dual PIII 1GHz)


10GB 10,000 SCSI

60GB 7,200 IDE

40GB 7,200 IDE

Which isnt too shabby for free.  :D

BTW, I have a degree is Computer Engineering, so I am fairly technical  :haha:.

U want to hook me up?? i am looking to get some servers for a swim team.. They cant afford to buy a new box.. I was thing about us scraping my Compaq k6-2 500mhz... 

Where did you go to school?

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I know it comes with rather good instructions because I did it once, all you have do to though is go into the apache config file add the PHP script  and some other things, its been a long time since I did that though, I just you apache2triad.

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well, I'll try to find instructions then, cus, I really don't want to screw with my config file atm.  ;) it took me days to get it working, and that's pretty damn sad. if only me damn norton didn't block port 80, I would do it in a second. arrggghhhhh! know how to allow all on port 80?

ps, if you can find out how to do that, I'll give you 10000 bucks. not really... ;)

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