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I ran across this site in searching for reviews on the Motorola SB6120 Cable Modem. Costco has this modem at a good price, and I am trying to determine if switching to this DOCSIS 3.0 modem from a Linksys WCG2000 would give me faster and more consistent speeds.

Last spring I was getting fed up with Cox raising my rates, and telling me I was getting faster speeds, but not experiencing any change. I finally asked them to drop my to their lowest tier, and I continue to get the same speeds I was getting when they were charging me for their most expensive tier. I'm now trying to determine if buy new equipment would help the situation any. My current average speed is 3.2 Mbps downstream and 359 Kbps upstream.

So, any opinions? Will a DOCSIS 3.0 modem make any difference? Is the Motorola SB6120 a good choice?

One thing this would allow me to do is decouple the modem and wireless router. Why? So I can set up the router to use OpenDNS, which I've not been able to do with my modem/router combo. Right now I'm having to do that at the machine level.


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Welcome to the site. I personally have the SB 6120... and am very happy with it. Motorola has always made great cable modems. Although, so does Linksys. I've had Linkage modems and routers that given me many years of trouble free operation. Having said that, knowing how good the Motorola is by first hand experience, if I were you the choice would be clear.

Just look at my speeds with cox, https://testmy.net/stats/?&t=u&d=05162011&x=60&m=2&l=10&q=CA3LE with that modem. Relize that any inconsistancy in my speed can be explained by the fact that I run this site and run the tests here under extraordinary circumstances during development. If I were testing normally all my scores would be 50+ / 5+ ... if anyone knows how to benchmark and severly overload things win data... it's me. The Motorola Surfboard 6120 has stood up perfectly to all that I've thrown at it.

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David, I am in the same situation right now. I just bought that modem from Costco and I am deciding if I should replace my other one. Paying for Premier service and just not sure I actually need to. The biggest strain on bandwidth around my house is Netflix, other than that it is pretty typical music streaming/web surfing sort of stuff with no more than two to three concurrent users. If I were to drop to the Preferred level I would pay for that modem in 2.5 months of savings. Running the Auto Speed tests now to help with my decision. Due to Costco's return policy I will probably install it and return it if there is no major difference.

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