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Bridging an Apple Airport Extreme with an existing Netgear Router


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Since I added a Airport Extreme to my Netgear Network, I have had troubles with the Netgear WIFI network dropping out. It seems that there is some contention with the Airport Wireless and the Netgear Wireless, and the Apple Wireless always seems to trump it (even thought the Airport is wired directly to the wireless router). It does not happen all the time, but it can happen 3-4 times a day and could be quite annoying.

My reasoning for adding the Airport was for the time machine backups of my Apple devices. It makes things quite convenient to have this available on my wireless network (which the Netgear cannot provide).

Anyone have a clue, aside from disabling the Airport, the best way to avoid this contention? Only thing I can think of is to reposition my Airport to another room...but that would involve me running a new Cat-5 cable through a few walls to do so.

Any ideas would be great.



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Not knowing which device you have serving the IP's, I'll assume the netgear is the server and the Apple is the forwarder since you stated the Apple is hardwired into the Netgear. Your likely running into IP conflicts.

I would try the opposite. Depending on the specific firmware in the netgear your options will vary. You may use ADHOC or repeater.

Less complicated way might be turn off DHCP on the netgear ,give netgear an IP thats in the same range as your Apple is set but out of the DHCP range, making sure beforehand the Apple is set to be the DHCP server , make sure the subnet mask range is where the rest of your network is. You could simply turn off routing on the netgear so Apple deals it all out.

Make sure on the netgear you are not using the WAN from the Apple , use a LAN port and put nothing in the WAN port.

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