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Do they make this software?

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Thought one of you guys may know. I have always wondered why anti virus never comes with a net work meter? It makes sense that having a meter that monitors bandwidth, Would help users know if they have a Trojan or a nasty. A type of meter, that while not surfing would monitor your computer's connection and offer a 24 hour analysis. Something you could look at and see if there is any strange spikes in your Internet connection.

Or is the idea of a monitor type software like I described not possible. I mean would the spikes a Trojan may cause, could be caused by something else?? What do you all think??

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I use my old software firewall (sygate 5 series ) it has a graph of incoming/out going activity ,

and for m/s procces explorer whats running on my box , and a monthy check with HijackThis .

http://www.hijackthis.de/ (using http://sourceforge.net/projects/hjt/) along with the usual anti Vi , and a regular clean as can be back up,

my main concern is whats going out , even Win updates and time gets a no no , on my box untill I decide ,

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